Friday, May 14, 2010

One More Week to One!

I just can't believe that Hiro is going to be 1 so soon! He is born on 21st May 2009. By next Friday, he will officially be 1! We'll definitely buy a party hat for him and a cute birthday present!
I think I've not shared any fierce picture of Hiro before. Here's one that we've captured when he is angry and annoyed. I bet some of you might think twice about him being cute after this! But I think anyone or any animals will look very different when they are angry.

I was thinking, since he has so many of you as his fans all over the world, I would celebrate his birthday by posting a Hiro's birthday post here next Friday! Feel free to post some wishes for him or even links to ecard etc. I will try my best to read every single wish to him...heehee. So, make sure you all check back here on 21st May and join in the celebration!

1 comment:

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Hiro's Happy Holiday, yay!

Beautiful... even when he's angry.

Wishing you a colorful and creative day!


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