Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little Details to Share

From yesterday's post, some of you had asked me, what are those food and how I celebrate Thanksgiving?

First of all, Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in Malaysia. But, I always think that it's such a meaningful day to do something for others and of course, there's nothing better than to slow down and start going through the memories of your journey this year. Therefore, I like to kind of celebrate it with my family. Nothing as big as what you all had but just a small dinner together with the family.

Ok, back to the food, those are basically some desserts and delicacy. For example, the first picture would be fishballs soup. It tastes great especially for the kids. It's not sweet. It's like the taste of some noodle soup. This is one of Chloe's favourite dish.
The second picture is a dessert. It's sweet potato cook in some sugar and water. It's definitely a very sweet dish.
The third picture would be a kind of fruit dessert. We call it "lychee". It's very sweet and taste refreshing.
The last picture would be some prawn dumplings. I think you could see this is at chinatown in your country. Yummy!

After much explanations, I'm getting hungry now. Make sure you try to spot for these food the next time you get a chance to visit chinatown. Hope this post make some of you looking forward to your Thanksgiving Feast!!


Nikki Love said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family and yes, Hiro too, a very happy Thanksgiving day. I am thankful that you share your creative talents with me and the blogger world. You are such an inspiration to us all :)

The Scrappy Tree said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate it in the UK but I still think it's a great idea to think about what you're thankful for :)
Thanks Irene for sharing!! xx

Saskia said...

Oh how I l o v e lychees! Especially when they are still in their 'skin'! Happy Thanksgiving from the Netherlands!


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