Saturday, November 14, 2009

Funny Puppy!

This week, Hiro is already 25 weeks old. Above is a picture that I've captured while he is fast asleep. I must say he has some funny sleeping postures....LOL! Hiro has a very sharp hearing and reacts fast to any sound. I have to sneak quietly beside him to capture the picture above.
I only managed to take two shots before he spotted me in the picture above. Look at that cute little face. Does your dog have a funny sleeping posture?
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Sian said...

Hiro makes me laugh, he's adorable. Great photos.
My dog (Bear), just sleeps in the doorway into my craft room and doesn't move so I have to jump over the big lump LOL!

Sandra Shimizu said...

Hiro is so cute, very nice pics!

marijke said...

hiro is soooooooo cute what a wonderfull friend she is for you so gorgeous and growing so fast

Bart said...

Barty is my dog and he likes to sleep with just the tip of his tongue sticking out. It is so cute!


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