Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

I were so touched and really felt the sincere wishes and suggestions that all of you had given me through these tough times. It really felt good when you have so many others that care and think about you.

I'm slowly trying to cope with all the new happenings around me and still keep the creative side of me. There are more issues to come in these coming months but I'll try to stay strong and face it all.

I really felt the warmth and support that I've gotten from you all and would always try to keep this blog going. Here are some pictures of the place in my new home that brings some calm and quite moments for me when I'm in doubt of things.

The sound of the water overflowing from the top of the wall down to the small pond is so cooling and peaceful and looking at the koi swimming just makes me happy. This is my most favourite place in my new home. This is actually an indoor mini garden besides our living room.

I'll be posting another giveaway this week. Keep an eye for it.


Scrappinraiderfan said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!! Seems so peaceful.

L'Hélène said...

Wow, you have that in your home? It's so beautiful!

Кари Сол said...

SOOOO Beautiful!!!!!

Andrea aka Andy Scrap said...

I wish my outside garden looked that's awesome! It's winter here in South Africa and because of the building rubble for the new studio my garden is a mess...
I like the cooler temperature of winter but I hate what it does to the scenery.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

I'm new to your beautiful blog. I'm sorry you are going through tough times. I hope that whatever you are going through passes soon and you will find joy again soon. Your work is amazing and am glad to have been introduced to your blog.


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