Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Distressing with Distress Embossing Powder

How do you use Distress Embossing Powders to distress? Distress Embossing Powder is unlike other embossing powder as it won't give you a very fine embossed image. It has particles in it that won't melt and would create a texture of a rough surface when embossed. In my example above, I've used some Black Soot Distress Embossing powder to emboss on the edges of the cover and some Antique Linen Distress Embossing Powder to emboss on the edges of the glass. Aren't these cool? I really love the texture of it!

Tip: It does takes a bit longer to emboss using Distress Embossing Powders and you'll have to let it cool completely before touching it.


Prettier Stuff aka Melissa said...

That is cool. I will have to get some and try it. I bought a melting pot the other day and I have had Utezz Embossing powder which I also like and it is really fun when you melt it and dip things into it. There are so many neat things to try out there. Thank you for sharing everything that you do. Love it.

Blue said...

MErci encore une fois pour toutes ces techniques.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Very cool! I especially like how it looks on glass.

mininessie said...

great effect Irene...thanks!!

maxell said...

Distressning on glass is just the way or the texture I have been looking for since years back now. I have experimented and reasoned with a good friend of mine about what to use to get this worn look. Some things fall close, but I guess the distress powder is the best to use. It's so awe.

sharingmydaze said...

I've never bought any of these because I didn't know what made them different. It is a cool look. I'll have to buy one and try it out.


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