Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guest Designing for CCM and Mon

Now you all know why I had been very busy last month. I'm the guest designer for Creative Cuts and More and Mon Scrapbook.Com for April.

I've created quite a number of projects for both guest designing assignments and will be sharing them here throughout this month. Here are some sneak peeks for now.
As most of you know, I'll be busy moving in the next two weeks. Loads of packing, unpacking, cleaning and organizing. I might even lost my internet service for a couple of days. However, I'll try to pre-schedule my posting here so there will still be something up everyday. I love all of you that pop in everyday and don't want to disappoint you all in anyway.


Elisa K said...

OH love those peeks... I hate moving days.. We have done so many due to hubby being active duty... I hope your move and transition goes smoothly.

Elisa K

Lynn Biermann said...

Your peeks look beautiful Irene! Good luck with your move!

Paulien van den Bosch said...

ohhhh.... beautiful peeks!!!!!

mininessie said...

hey Irene ! you are a busy bee :D
i can´t wait to see all your new work!

Nancy from Belgium said...

Sneek peeks look great again!!! Can hardly wait to see the complete project! Moving goes easy if well organised, I moved last year, it was a tough day, had been packing for months in advance (got rid of lots of never used stuff!), enjoy your new place!

Anonymous said...

So colorful and prettyful (my DD's word)that I'll be anxious to see more than the peek. Hope that your move goes well.

Anonymous said...

I hate moving so I will be thinking of you and wishing you well I'm surprised you aren't just allowing people to look at all past things you have done instead of trying to do anything in the middle of a move. I still don't know where things are from my last move. And I hate to even go back and forth from Florida to a cottage in Arkansas where my husband's kids are. I know how much work is there for me as I have never really gotten moved in there (too much stuff for a cottage). Know anyone in Arkansas who wants to buy a bunch of stuff? I should have sold it all in Ohio and bought new, smaller pieces for a cottage. Oh well. Live and learn. Carolyn Wilkerson

2amscrapper said...

Thanks for thinking of all of us, during your big move, by still wanting to post daily. Your beautiful work is a daily creative inspiration for me. I can't wait to see what those sneak peaks represent.

♥ Sonja Bekker ♥ said...

wows,cute sneeks


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