Monday, November 10, 2008

Masking using Acrylic Paints on Acrylic

This is a very easy technique. Simply just use some acrylic paint and a foam brush to start masking on acrylics. However, there are a few tips that I want to share here.

While masking with acrylic paint, you need to take note of the consistency of the acrylic paint you use.

If the consistency of the acrylic paint is thick and by using a dry foam brush, you will get a more vibrant and detailed masked image. (The white strip as per picture above) (Tip: Even if you're using a foam brush, use the stamping or dabbing technique to mask)

If the consistency of acrylic paint is watery, the masked image would be less vibrant and you can still get the translucent look of the acrylic. (The pink strip as per picture above) (Tip: To mask using a watery acrylic paint, use the dabbing technique. Do not use the brushing technique)

You can also mask using the stamping with acrylic paint technique. Simply just attach your mask in place and start stamping using acrylic paint. ( The stamped flowers strip as per picture above)(Tip: Try not to use a consistency that is not too watery nor thick for this technique)

After masking, you can also add some details to it using some paint markers, liquid pearls, Stickles or gel pens. I'll post the finished project of this technique tomorrow.


Gayatri said...

Thats an awesome technique. I will definitely give it a try. Maybe on paper and see. I haven't used acrylic yet.Thanks for the new technique Irene. Love your blog

Nina said...

LOve this.... I still need to give my hand a try at a clear card!!


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