Monday, October 13, 2008

A Visit to The Chateau at Versailles.

I'm so sorry that I did not blog for the last two days as the hotel are having some problems with the wifi services here. Anyway, here are some pictures taken at the Chateau at Versailles. We had a great time and all the statues and scupltures there are just breathtaking. The PACS had ended yesterday and it was all a wonderful experience for me. The best part of it is that I would never imagine that I could meet so many of my blog readers in person here. I do appreciate you all taking all teh trouble to travel here just to attend my classes. Do email me to keep in touch. Hugs! I'll post some pictures taken during the PACs in my next post.


paulien710 said...

What a great pics, these are....

I'm glad you had meetings with your blog readers.
Sounds like super fun!!!!!!

Jane F. Smith said...

These are some amazing photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Quelle magnifique couleur, le paysage est magique, merci de nous faire profiter de tes enfants.

tes enfants sont magnifiques, félicitation !!


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