Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Little About my first day at The PACS!

My first day at The PACS was an awesome day! So many new friends and it's such an awesome place to teach. It is a little tiring for me today as I'm yet to recover from the jetlag but I'm glad that I've pull it off. I hope the attendees would be able to understand what I'm saying throughout the classes. I've some very awesome translators in both classes and it really does make my teaching so much easier! Thank you so much ladies!
The best part of my classes is that I've had attendees from all over the world. Even as far as Singapore, Italy, Switzerland etc. Above is a picture of me with two of the attendees in my class. They are from Singapore and Switzerland. I'll post more pics when some of the attendees email me their pictures. They're such fun groups to teach. Tomorrow, there will be another two classes for me to teach and I'll be attending the night crop. I'm glad to have met so many of my blog readers here during my classes and if you all have any further questions at all on the projects for my classes or any other questions/demos, you can ask me.


Karina Beck said...

Luckey those who has you as a teacher!!

3left Feet said...

hey!! I'm glad to se you'e made it! You look great even for jetlag! I hope you enjoyed teaching! can't wait to read mnore! <33 you! take care!! and BE SAFE!!

paulien710 said...

Oh honey, I'm so glad, you have such a great time.... and wooooohooooooo for those translaters... awesome!!!
I'm glad that you have met many of your blog stalkers (lol)
and I'm looking forward to the next update!!!!!
Thinking of you!!!!!

now.... have some good night sleep girl!

Robbie said...

Irene, I'm so glad that you are having such a great time!! Your work is so gorgeous and unique!! Wish I could be there!!!

Ying Pang, said...

Bonjour!!! Am so glad that you finally made it:=)) I wish that I could be there to share the precious moments with you! Hope that you and your family enjoy every single minutes there!!

Ying Pang, said...

Bonjour! Am so glad you finally made it!!I wish I could be there and share the precious moments with you!!Hope that you and your family enjoy every single minute there:=))

Jane F. Smith said...

How very excititng Irene!!! I am so happy for you and I can not wait for the next update!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Irene, it was great meeting you at the class and all the way in Versailles! thanks for the class and for sharing your ideas. i'm inspired to pick up those inks and play more again! :) keep it going and maybe one day we'll meet in singapore...:)


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