Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Pictures at The PACS 2008!

The few pictures above are taken during one of my class at The PACS 2008 in Versailles, France. Thanks to Lorena for sending me these pictures.

These second batch of pictures are taken with some of the attendees of my class and during the group photo session. Thanks blue for sending me these pictures.


Anonymous said...

With pleasure dear friend.


Lorena Medina said...

Irene I just loved your classes!! both were awesome!! I´ve been practicing a lot and the flowers and inking technics add a new touch to my projects! Thanks for sharing your creativity and experience with us.
Take care

Christal said...


Thank you very much for you present. I'm very admirative from your gift. With small things, you always create very wonderful pages. I hope to see you for the next PACS or if you come in Belgium. All my inspiration comes from you. Thank you for your generosity and your simplicity. This page is all ready in my scraproom.



LaY hOoN said...

Hi, thanks for send postcard me the postcard from Paris. I received it yesterday.

It's seem so much fun in the class. I wish I could join.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Ouuuu! I'd flip to take one of your classes, let alone in France! sighhhhh! Great pictures! :O)

paulien710 said...

ohhhhhhh urghhhhhh

looks like I've missed out, on a whole lot!!!!!!!
great pages!!!!


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