Tuesday, August 14, 2007

International Greetings ~ pg 11 and 12

These are page 11 and 12 of my recent mini album titled International Greetings. These pages are actually on a postcard from one of my friend from Georgia, USA.
The colours on the postcard which resembles the colours of the flag of USA had really inspired me. With that I've used the combination of blue, red and white on both pages.
On pg 11, I've retained most of the background white and to create some textures and designs to it, I've used the masking technique. I've masked a row of stacked hearts on the right of the page and some swirls on the top. I've multi layered my flower on pg 11 by using some sequins and inserting them in layers in between the two flowers of red and white. This had really add some blings to the page.
I've also used the red, blue and white colours on pg 12. I've used the masking technique here again to create some depth and design on this page.


Jamie said...

Awesome work with the colors and masking! And so much bling! I really need to check your blog more often for tips!

Anonymous said...

It's totally awesome!!! Love to see your close ups! So many details to grasp! Your minialbum is something unique and amazing! Tesa


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