Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stamp your Ribbons

Recently on my page 19 of my "International Greetings" mini album in my others gallery, I've tried to stamped on a ribbon.

Actually while working on that page, I can't seem to find a ribbon from my stash which would work in that page. Therefore I tried stamping on it and I love it. I bet you can't find a ribbon that would give you such design and so much character to it. Try it!


kathj said...

I love your work I really dont know how you get that fantastic effect with all your work. Its so original, I love it. I think you must alter al lot of your paper and things. Where do you buy your paper?

scrapperlicious said...

Hi Kathj,

Thanks for your compliment! Yeap, I do actually alter a lot of my stuffs. I normally use all kinds of papers. From sb papers to scraps and even somtimes gift wrappers. So basically I get all my papers from all over. Hope this helps!


mkf said...

I enjoy your creations very much. Thanks so much for sharing! Keep them coming, they are gorgeous.


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