Thursday, August 9, 2007

Details using Masking and Stamping

In my most recent page of my postcard minialbum which is pg 7 in my others gallery, I've used the masking and stamping technique to create some details and a layered look on a flower design. Here's how it's done.
1. First of all, I've used a cardstock and cut it into the shape I want. Then I've stamped on it with some butterfly stamps.
2. I've made myself a scalloped circle shape mask and used it to do the first layer of masking. I've used distress ink (frayed burlap) to do the masking. Then I've made myself a second scalloped circle shape mask but this time the circle is slightly smaller than the first one. This time I've used a blue colour ink to do the masking.
3. I've cut out a smaller circle from another cardstock and add some inking and stamping to it before attaching it to the center of the circle.
With these techniques, I'm able to create some interesting details and the layered look without having to layer all those pattern papers and creating a too bulky page for my postcard minialbum.

1 comment:

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Your pages are wonderful, I love all the detail!

My question is, where did you get your butterfly stamps from? I see them in several of your layouts and really like them.


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