Friday, May 18, 2007

Using Leftovers from New Stencils on Layouts

This is actually a post to explained further about the dragonfly that I've created in my layout titled "Determination" in my family gallery. Quite a number of my blog readers and forum friends love that dragonfly and would liked to know in detail for the steps in creating it. Some readers asked me whether I've stenciled that dragonfly. The answer is no. Some friends asked me whether I've hand-drawn that dragonfly. The answer is no.

The answer to the above questions can be explained in the steps below:

1. Looked for some leftovers of any of your new cardboard or cardstock stencils. Most of these stencils come with their stenciling area pre-cut but not removed yet. We would normally removed these pieces and throw it away before stenciling. Now with this technique, you would want to save all those pieces up.
2. Put some adhesives or liquid glue behind those pieces before removing them directly to your layout.
3. Put it directly on your layout and using a pencil or tweezer, slowly give a little push on those pieces and secure them down on the layout. This will ease the placing process.
4. Lastly, use some ink, gel pens, paint markers or any art materials you want to decorate it and give some details to eat. You can even tailored your colour on it to match your layout.
This technique actually give a more dimensional look to the layout and placing it anywhere in the layout is possible unlike stenciling.
Just another tip, you can also use these pieces as masks. So next time if you come across these cheap cardboard stencils, think twice before you throw any pieces away.

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Gramma2Sydney said...

This is a beautiful layout! Well ALL of your layouts are beautiful!! Love this idea and your use of the stencil leftovers! Thank you for sharing :)


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