Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Deep Within

This is a layout about Ryan riding on a merry-go-round. He loves to ride on any kiddie rides that are in his sight.
The inspiration for this layout came to me when I'm watching him on those rides. I was wondering what will it be liked if I had a chance to ride on it too. It's the thought of being a child in my heart. I believed that most of us, somewhere in our hearts, still lies the thought about being a child. With that, I've named the layout "Deep Within".
With that name in mind, I was searching for inspiration to start the layout. Then, as I was looking at my walls, I was wondering what was within or under the wallpapers? Later, I remembered having some leftovers of wallpapers and decided to use them in this layout.
For the detail step by step how-tos, you can refer to my topic "Wallpapers as Walls on Layout" and "Using Steel Ruler on Photographs" in my tips and tricks section.
The photographs were cut horizontally to resemble the bricks or wood panels behind the wallpapers.
Therefore, the wallpapers in this layout resembles our hearts and the photographs are what lies within.
I've also created a title tag out of corrugated paper. I've used some crafting wires to attached the title to the paper. This is to add some dimensions to the layout.


Jess (Scrapbook Ideas) said...

Awww... He is so sweet! Beautiful page, I love all of the rich colors and textures you've used.

rhiainr said...

i saw your lo on ACOT and followed your link.
your lo's are amazing. you have such skill and fantastic ideas.
thankyou for sharing them.


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