Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is a layout that truly from my thoughts and happiness for Ryan's development. Ryan tries so many times to tie his own shoe laces and never give up. His concentration and determination to achieve his goal of getting his shoe laces done by himself really inspired me in this layout.

Therefore, I've named this layout "Determination". This title had inspired me to do a layout with depth in it. I've thought of the inking in layers technique for the background of this layout. I know that you need a lot of patience and determination to use this technique. For a twist, I've used masks in the layering technique. For more details on this technique, refer "Inking in Layers with Masks" in my tips and tricks section.

I've used the tags pile technique again (refer to "Tags Pile on Layouts" in my tips and tricks section) to weigh on the lower right corner and I've balanced it with a large dragonfly on the opposite top corner. The dragonfly is created using some leftovers from a new chipboard stencil. It's actually the part where we took off and throw away when we want to use the new stencil. Using just a little inking and detailing, I have a more dimensional dragonfly compared to just stenciling.

Noticed that I've stamped in three different shades for the design below the circle photograph of Ryan trying to tie his shoe lace. This actually resembles his stage of progress in this development skill. The lighter shade represent his first time trying it. Then as he improves, the shades get darker and clearer.

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Tracey said...

Another beauty, love the thought and careful detail you put into all your work, TFS :)


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