Friday, May 4, 2007

Love Chloe

My mom had asked me for a framed photograph of Chloe to display at her house sometime ago and I had not done anything for her. Since mother's day is just round the corner, I just thought maybe instead of just a framed photograph, why not do a mini layout with Chloe's photograph and frame it for her as a mother's day gift.

My inspiration for this 8x8 layout is from a friend's layout. She had done a very good job on hers and it had inspired me to try and create one.

Since it's going to be a framed layout, I would want the attention drawn to the photograph more than the other embellishments there. Therefore, I've used a larger sized photograph in this layout.

I've only used some small embellishments to decorate the layout. I've punched out some flowers from coordinated pattern papers and later did a little doodling around it. To add some dimension, I've used some sequins and foams to decorate the flowers. I've also add in two foam butterflies which are covered in shinny powders in the layout.

To soften the overall look of the layout, I've inked on all edges and chalked on the title. Hope that my mom likes this Mother's Day gift. May all mothers have a Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

une merveille cette page , je suis super fan ! bravo !

USA2UK said...

This is a gorgeous LO and a great gift :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of white pen did you use on this layout for the doodling?

jazsutra said...

i there scrapperlicious...1st of all i muz say im press by your work pieces of LO.they are awesome.luv esp te mother's day gft to your mom "CHLOE" and baby is so an avid scrapper myself and im im in awe dat u are from penang,bcox im from sumwhere near there,i was fr alor setar,kedah.residing in singapore now.really hope 2get to know u better thru the same passion v ave here-SCRAPBOOKING ;)
btw,im jaz,u may want to visit my blog

thx for being so generous in your sharings...luv,jaz

jazsutra said...

i there,im jaz and im so happy to see theres an avid scrapper from i was from alor setar,kedah.residing in singapore now.nice knowing u here.thx for all yr generous sharings..


Lizzyann said...

Hi I love what you have done with these layouts,Love the swirls.

fiouna said...

j'adore votre page, nous nous sommes inspiré du meme sketche car j'ia fais une jolie page avec ce sketche en avril et je l'adore tout comme j'adore votre page

Sam said...

Wow. This is absolutely beautiful. SO much detail.
I've bookmarked your blog so I can come back for more inspiration.

Shanismom said...

beautiful work as always.


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