Friday, May 11, 2007


This is my latest layout about Chloe. This is a layout about her achieving the stage of rollover.

That's why the title of the page is "Rollover". In this layout, I've handwriiten the title directly on the photograph. This is to fill up a little space in the big photograph and to link the title directly to the photograph.

The inspiration for this layout came to me when I was reading a scrapbooking magazine about a digital layout which used tags pile technique in it. It was so easy when you are doing a digital layout. I was wondering, how would it be like if I were to do it in a paper layout? Is it possible or would it look nice? With that, I've started to work on this layout.

If I were to use only the big photograph of Chloe in this layout, it would make the layout looked bias on the vertical view. Therefore, I've cropped another two smaller photographs of Chloe taken from different angle and put them together with the big photograph to make the layout looked balanced.

I've also balanced the tags pile on the right by creating a corner of flowers and swirls on the top left corner of the layout.

In this layout, I don't want to over crowded the page by adding more tags or paper to journal on but I still want to make it more visible. Therefore, I've left part of the background paper uninked and later journaled on it.

To read more about creating tags pile, you can refer to "Tags Pile on Layouts" in my tips and tricks section.

I've used the steel ruler technique on the photograph and the matting. You can refer to"Using Steel Ruler on Photographs" in my tips and tricks section to read more about this technique.


Sam said...

A truly beautiful layout.
I am so glad that I discovered your blog as your work is so inspiring.

didinedumarais said...

As I told you on 2peas, your LO is juste beautiful. Didinedumarais.

├×├│runn said...

Wow this LO is amazing!!!

Tracey said...

Your attention to detail is just superb, I loved looking through your gallery today and was even more delighted when I found your blog, I hope you don't mind but I have added you to my link list on my blog
Thankyou for sharing your gorgeous family pics and your talent xxx

Naranjos said...

The photos of Chloe are adorable and the layout is spectacular! I appreciate all the time you took to tell us how you did this. You've balanced it beautifully! Your truly an inspiration to me and I will work on trying some of your techniques and making my layouts a little more detailed. I like to do simple layouts, basically to hurry and get it done but from seeing yours I need to slow down a bit and take some time completing them. Thank you so much ~ Wendy


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