Friday, May 25, 2007

Heroes Of Earth Concert

Details on page 1:

Details on page 2:

This is a layout about a concert that we've went to in March. It's a concert by Lee Hom, a very talented Taiwanese singer and the name of the concert is "Heroes Of Earth".

The inspiration for this two-page layout is from the Chinese opera masks used during the concert. This theme of the concert based very much on the ancient Chinese cultures and the characteristics of ancient heroes in China.

There are so many photographs that I want to include into this layout. Therefore, I've come up with the idea of doing a layout with flip open photographs pile. (You can refer to "Flip Open Photos Pile" in my tips and tricks section.) I've also journaled individually about each photograph behind all the photographs in this layout.

I've tried to create an ancient feel to this two page layout. By using some nests of shapes, I'm able to create the ancient medallion look for these pages. The swirl punches on the edges and the gold colour details also add some Asian look to the layouts.


├×├│runn said...

this is simply stunning!!!

Joanne said...

Woah!..o.0 awesome...
very beautiful lo..
like it so much..
"sang" me la...
teach me that backgroud..
how to draw...
very similar that concert de le..

~Yr sister~

Shanismom said...

WOAH.... beautiful layout, beautiful background. love the colors.

Allison said...

Your attention to details is AMAZING!!!!!!

sharine said...

Wow! Really stunning and very detail art work!


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