Monday, December 28, 2009

Tired Monday!

It's a tired and exhausted Monday! After all the parties and travelling, it has been a fun and amazing few days. But now, I just have to get into my norm and start planning again. Hope you all had gotten some cool Christmas gifts!!

So, did you all captured those magical moments during this few days using your camera? Try using them and follow along my project for this week at The Crop Spot. What better ways to inspire than to give you all some ideas as to how you all could scrap those amazing photos. This week tutorial involves using some metallic crackle paint. Check it out.

We will be taking Ryan to his orientation for standard one (grade one) at his new school this week. He is so excited. I'm feeling a little older now as Ryan is all grown up and ready for his first step to primary school. Time just flies, don't they? I guess you all might start to see some schooling pages from me. 


ScrapinFunatic said...

First day of school is always exciting, but a little harder for moms.

Hope you have a great week Irene.

Denton, TX

Denise said...

Can't wait to see ur pages with ur little one off to school! Yes they grow up so fast. My son graduated last spring from high school, and it just seems like I was watching his preschool graduation not long before that. They grow quickly and time flies so it's so important to capture each moment and you do it so well!


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