Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hiro @ 31 Weeks!

This week, we had a close call of loosing Hiro. My hubby and Ryan took Hiro for a walk around the neigbourhood and he let Ryan hold on to Hiro's leash. Hiro is known to be a little more excited than usual during outdoor walks. At that moment, Hiro suddenly felt excited and wanted to climb some stairs in a hurry. Ryan could not catch up with his strength and speed and let go of the leash. Luckily we stay in a gated community where most areas are fenced or gated. We manage to find him lurking at the children playground. The above picture had been captured when we found him. He doesn't look guilty at all....LOL!

We were so scared when he sped off. We were told that huskies are known to be escape artist and have no sense of direction to home. They will keep running until they are tired or thirsty. Have you had this kind of experience with your furkids? Share it with me.   


Haberdawoman said...

If that face does not say guilty I don't know what does : )
One day we noticed that 3 out of 4 of our Rotts were missing when we noticed that they had dug a hole and escaped, we searched all over town and kept praying that they had not been hit by a car or hurt another dog or person, after looking all over town we came home and within no time saw the 3 of them walking back home together as if they had had a great time but were happy to be home. This happened 1 more time and then we placed bricks throughout the entire yard.

S@ski@ said...

that was scary indeed! He doesn't look guilty, but more like: "where have you guys been? I've been waiting so long!"

I had a similar experience a long, long time ago with my sisters labrador. I was playing in the fields around their house (they lived on a farm), with their 2 yo labrador at his leash. Suddenly I slipped on the wet grass and fell backwards. I was k.o. for a minute or so, and when I woke up, I immediate thought the dog would be gone. Instead, he was sniffing at my head, wiggling his was almost like he thought: hey, I'm not ready playing yet!

Andrea's scrapnest said...

I have nod dog, but we have 2 cats and they are never going out. But they have a masters degree in playing in hide en seek, and they are good!!!!!!!!!!

greetings, Andrea

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Passei para rever seu cantinho...
Continua maravilhoso...
Você é muito talentosa!
Aguardo sua visitinha:
Boa semana!
Itabira - Brasil

Maggi said...

Oh yes, we had stopped in the Yukon Territory in Canada, to have lunch in our truck camper. We were in a very small bush community when our black lab pushed open the door and ran into the woods. I thought for sure we'd never see her again as she would get lost in the wilderness. But after a couple of minutes of what seemed like a lifetime, she emerged from the woods and came trotting back to us. I guess she had to have a romp and came back once she got taht out or her system!!

wanda said...

What a horrible feeling when your loved furkid races off! I have had this experience when dog sitting for a friend. Her Boston Terrier was an escape artist and got out of my back yard (locked fence, still don't know how she did it). I looked everywhere for four hours, even went to the pound, then sat and cried and tried to call her and tell my friend I had lost her dog! Turns out the dog was at a neighbor's house being fed and cared for! And they were trying to call my friend too (her name was on the tag). Finally, I walked the neighborhood one more time and saw my friend's dog inside someone else's garage. I was so grateful! And my friend never asked me to dog sit again!

SHAWN said...

I used to have a Husky of my own. She was the love of my life, but when she would get lose she would take off like there was no tomorrow. I would have to get in my car and chase here down. I didn't know that that may have been a Husky trait. They are amazing dogs. Take care of him, he's gorgeous!


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