Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hiro is now 20 Weeks Old!

Look how big he is now as compared to the layout "11 Weeks" that I've posted a few days ago. It's just amazing! He is slowly transforming from a cutie to a young handsome boy!
Hiro no longer loves to chew on our wooden furniture. His favourites now is his T-bone and his "Kong" toy. One of the thing that he has newly develop is that he loves to eat his meal through playing. He loves it when we throw his kibbles at certain distance and he chase after it. Kind of a "throw and fetch" game. Of course, after a few kibbles, he would resort back to his normal eating. Well, this is kind of a good short exercise for him too.
I know that some of you had email me to ask about my classes in USA. Actually I do not plan to post any details about it before the my teaching trip to Russia. Anyway, since I've been asked, here are some of the details for now. The classes will be at San Jose, California on the 29th and 30th January 2010. Scrapbooking Supplies R Us is the organizer and if you want to pre-book or inquire more information about my classes, you could contact them at 408-446-9901 or 1-800-498-9530. You could also email them at Have a great weekend!


Carmen said...

He's such a beautiful dog! It looks like his face is filling out a bit. BTW, enjoy your time in Russia!

Mazina said...

Such a cute dog!


Prettier Stuff aka Melissa said...

Oh he is a handsome boy. I'm so glad he is all better now and that he is pretty much done chewing on the furniture.We had an Aussie that loved to catch popcorn pieces when you threw them up in the air. He loved TV/popcorn time.

marijke said...

helloooooo I a back from our vacation week to spain and finally back on my pc again so I can see the great things you have made again
wow Hiro grows fast he is sooooooo beautiful


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