Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiro at 19 Weeks

Hiro is fully recovered now. He is eating much more than before he got sick. We noticed that he is slowly getting rid of the habit of chewing on furniture. He prefers to chew on his toys and chewing treats. I guess he is a smart boy!

So far the peanut butter in his "kong" toy works amazing! He loves it and could finish it in minutes. We've also tried the freeze water technique with the toy but he is not that interested in it. If you have any other ideas in using these "kong" toys with your furkids, do share it here.

Time is really getting near for my trip to Russia and my visa is yet to arrive! There's nothing much I could do except to wait for it. For those of you who had registered for my classes and wish to know more about what you should bring, you can email me. I'll be glad to answer them for you.

On another note, lately there are some local readers here who had emailed me to ask "why didn't I organized any classes here?" As much as I would liked to, I just don't know how. There are too few people who knows about scrapbooking in Penang or would want to learn about it. Ok, I'll just open this offer to you all, if you all could get at least a group of 10 ladies for a class, then I would consider to teach. They need not be already a scrapper. I do hope to build a scrapping community here in Penang. Email me if you have any questions or wish to talk to me more about this.

Have a great weekend!


Rossie said...

my mother used to stuff the kong with walnuts besides using the peanut butter. so the dog would roll the toy around the house and eat what falls out of it, seemed pretty fun :D and Hiro looks good, I'm glad that he's recovered, I enjoy your updates about him :)
btw we have an alaskan malamute :)

Flowers said...

Glad to know that Hiro is recovering. It is so cute. I love pets very much.


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