Saturday, October 31, 2009

23 Weeks!

Here's one of Hiro's latest picture. His fur around his neck is growing so much that it's forming kind of a mane. From this week onwards, we take him out for a short morning walk around the neighbourhood everyday. He loves it and look forward to it every time.
Yesterday, we've bought for him a new water bowl which is heavier than his current one. He actually loves to play with his water bowl too much and spilled all his water. He ended up not having any water to drink while we were not at home. When we came back, he ran straight to the bathroom and drank water from the wet floor inside. Luckily we weren't out for too long and the weather aren't too hot. Therefore, we've decided to get another water bowl for him to prevent that happening again.
We've also bought a muzzle guard for him. We plan to use it as a way to punish him when he is not behaving such as chewing on furniture and nibble on others toes and fingers. I'm hoping that this will work.
I was actually hoping to see a Siberian Husky in Russia while I was there but have no luck with that. I was only able to see some German Shepherds.



Sian said...

Wow, he's really growing up quickly. Thanks for sharing Hiro's life with us :)


Carmen said...

You can certainly tell that his fur is getting thicker in the neck. He looks so good!! Soon he won't be a pup anymore!

kathj said...

he is really getting big and beautiful

Jolanda said...

He looks so beautiful! Our german shepard puppy is 21 weeks now, so I can pretty well imagine what's going on in your house now :)

Bart said...

Please, please don't use a muzzle on your dog. A muzzle is a very harsh dicipline for a dog that is only doing something that is natural for him to do.

The best way to stop him from chewing is by using a loud noise when you catch him chewing something he shouldn't. The sharp noise should be followed by a firm NO and then whatever he is chewing should be removed, then replace it with something that is appropriate for him to chew. Letting him know that the chew toy is the right thing to chew. I found a hard rubber toy like a KONG is perfect. I have no affliation with the company at all, I just love dogs. is a link

There are a lot of web sites that give instructions on how to train your dog and from some of your posts, it appears that this is your first dog. Dogs require training, just like children. Since your dog does not have a roll model (like your children do), they don't know what is appropriate behavior and what is not, so you need to teach them.

You should never need to muzzle your dog for any reason. A muzzle should only be used on dogs that are vicious and where you fear they will bite at which point the dog should be turned over to a professional trainer. You would never consider muzzling your children because they chewed on something when they were little would you?

I really love your work and your style, and your dog is beautiful. Please take a bit of time to learn how to train him as you will have a dog that will be a treasure to own. He is beautiful, please take the time to train him or take him to obedience school. The instructors will teach you how to deal with some of the behavior issues you are dealing with.


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