Saturday, October 24, 2009

At 22 Weeks!

We've actually went to collect Hiro back from the boarding house immediately after we've arrived home from Russia. We're glad to see him so happy there and still as active as ever. Everyone there loves him and he is so well taken care of. Guess I've found a great place to board him in future whenever I need to travel again.

Just in a week time, he has grown so much. I noticed that his fur is slowly growing back after the last shedding. I can see he has more whites now as before. We like it as it resembles more of the white snow...LOL!

He has outgrown his old collar and now this red one is his new collar. He looks so cute in it. He catches a lot of attention when we take him for walks around the neighbourhood.

Besides Hiro, I would love to post a little about my preference in teaching trips or rather "how would I plan for my teaching trip?"

After my recent teaching trip and announcing about my upcoming teaching trip, I've received quite a number of emails, comments and messages. I've been asked whether could I come to a certain place, area or country to teach? Include their area in my teaching trip? I think I should explain it here for all. Firstly, how do I plan the place to teach? Actually, I don't particularly plan where to teach. In fact all my teaching trips had been invited and sponsored directly by the organizer. Of course I do have the final say as to whether I would be able to go. Secondly, could I cover a certain place in my teaching trip? It might be a little difficult unless it's an invite and of course sponsored too. So, my final answer to you all would be if you all would love to have me teaching some classes at your area, try to get someone that are willing to organize it and sponsor my trip. This can be a group effort. If the timing is right and fit my schedule, I'll definitely try to make it as I'm always up for meeting my readers all around the world.

Have a great weekend!


Connie Paxman said...

Such a lovely pupy Irene...I used to have several of these dogs when I lived in the north...
connie paxman

Honeymoon registry said...

I wish I could have a pet like that. He is so adorable...


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