Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Closed Workshop in Penang

I'm actually having a closed workshop in Penang this 11th April. This is a workshop organized by the local government's Preschool Education Committee for preschool educators.

This workshop is rather big and it will somehow be a little different as compared to my normal workshop. It's more into scrapbooking in early childhood education. How scrapbooking will benefit all parties involved and of course, I will definitely be teaching them the style of scrapbooking that suits their purposes.

I'm actually very excited about this workshop as I'm an ex-owner of a preschool and had been learning different pedagogy or approach in early childhood education. I really hope that this workshop would somehow help all preschool educators to learn something new and to see things in a different perspective. If you are a perschool educator here, do ask your principal about this workshop if your're interested.

I do hope that in future, I could do another workshop to educate some parents too as I believe that parents also form an important part in the development of a child besides the schools. What do you think?


Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

I agree. So much emphasis is given to the three R's at school and so little given to the creative and family aspect of a childs education. Scrapbooking in its many forms is a good tool to promote the importance of family life and self expression. A fantastic idea. Lets hope more educators pick up on this great, social subject.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Wow..... that sounds awesome!
Good luck and have fun!!!!

Kathydid47 said...

That's so great! Have you done this yet then? My daughter is a first grade teacher and she's often bemoaned the fact that they can't do more creative learn much more this way and have much more fun, but with all the standard tests kids have to take these days....and a teacher's performance rating depending on these results....what's to be done? Very frustrating...."No Child Left Behind" hasn't exactly been a wonderful success here in the states either!!!


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