Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winners of The 4 Seasons Friendship ATC Draw!

Here are the winners for the 4 Seasons Friendship ATC draw.

1. Tejal
2. Linda
3. Andrea
4. Beth Norman

Congratulations to all of you and I will be emailing you all soon! As for those who do not win this time, do not be dissapointed. I will be giving a few of my blog readers a chance to swap an ATC with me. So keep watch for my next post. Thanks for all the support that you all had been given me so far!


Tejal said...

Thank you, thank you and more thank you!
Getting something from you is like WOW!!
I adore your work,so be sure your ATC is going to be on a pedestal!

Margo said...

Congrats Laides!!!!!

Linda said...

Oh..........I'm so excited, I can't wait til I receive it. To win a piece of your work is so exciting Irene, I still can't believe I won. Thank you, I can't wait to go brag now :)

Beth Norman said...

I am so very excited, and almost didn't sign up for the draw since I'm never a winner. I subscribe to your blog and spend hours at a time looking over older posts. Your work is amazing.


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