Saturday, June 9, 2007

One Size Bigger

This is a layout about Ryan's foot comparing to Chloe's. By looking at the photographs, I was thinking how fast had Ryan grown up. He used to have those small feet such as Chloe's. Therefore, I've named the layout "One Size Bigger".

The inspiration for this layout is basically from the photographs. I want to create a layout with I'm able to incorporate their foot prints. Therefore, I've came up with the idea of "mixture of masking and stenciling in layers technique". (Refer to "Foot Prints and Hand Prints on Layouts" in tips and tricks section) In this layout, I've also carried on the technique onto the photographs where I've also stenciled and masked part of the photographs to let the design flow.

I've hand drawn some small flowers in various sizes on the upper right hand corner to balance the look of the overall layout.

It has been fun using this technique and I bet you will too if you give it a try.


Emine Pazan said...

This is AMAZING girl

Anonymous said...

this is such an amazing technique! I need to try this one day.. can i add you to my list of blogs to visit off of my blog?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous stunning work Irene... thank you for sharing with us at A Spoonful of sprinkles today :)


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