Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This is a layout that I felt irresistable to create. While Ryan was playing "doctor" with Chloe, he likes to put the toy spectacles on Chloe. With that look, how can I resist to capture that face with my camera. Therefore, I've named the layout "Irresistable".
The inspiration for this layout is from the look of Chloe's eyes in the photograph. It looks so round with that spectacles on. Therefore, I've decided to create a page full of circles.
This time, I want to try the pattern papers cut-outs technique. I've used some cut-outs from various pattern papers that I've had in my stash and enhanced them using various simple techniques to avoid the flat look on them. (Refer to "Enhance your Cut-outs" in tips and tricks section)
I've also used punchers to create some details on my matting. (Refer to "Detailing with Punchers" in tips and tricks section)
The overall look of the layout that I wanted to achieve is simple, colourful with some details on it.


Tracey said...

Love the enhancements you have made to your cut-outs, the pic is adorable TFS :)

sharine said...

I also love to do cut outs and round shape is always looks nice! Thanks for sharing on DIY embellishment.

Amy said...

I really like your work and the uniqueness of it. My favorites are, Out of Shell, Drips of Nectar and Irresistable. Thanks so much for your explanations also. I'm going to try some of your techniques from drips of nectar.

Amy said...

I really like your work. My favorites are, Drips of Nectar, Out of Shell and Irresistable. Thanks for the step by step explanations. I'm going to try one of your techniques from Drips of Nectar.


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