Saturday, June 9, 2007

Foot Prints and Hand Prints on Layout. (using mixture of masking and stenciling in layers technique)

I've tried to incorporate foot prints and hand prints in my latest layout titled "One Size Bigger" in my family gallery. I guess most of us had taken photographs about foot and hand and are would liked to use our foot or hand prints in that layout but are lost in ideas. I hope that this technique that I've shared here would be of any help.

My technique of incorporating foot and hand prints is as follows:

1. First get your hand and foot prints onto some cardstocks or papers.
2. Trim your cardstocks or papers in any design you want and placed them onto the background of your layout.
3. Create a freestyle mask and cut it out. Don't throw away the negatives (of the mask).
4. Create a design using your mask and also your negatives as stencil. This is a technique called "mixture of masking and stenciling in layers". Do as many layers as you want and let your creativity flow.
5. In my layout, I even attached the masks as part of the design.
Don't you think this technique creates an interesting look? I bet someone would say that it's digital!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

This is mind-bogglingly beautiful, I wish I could see it in real life, the effect is stunning and I could honestly stare at it for hours, I really must give your techniques a try TFS :)


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