Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Enhance your Cut-outs

I saw quite a number of layouts using pattern papers cut-outs nowadays. I believed it's a very smart idea and a great technique. Have you tried to add your personal touched to your cut-outs by enhancing it using various simple and fast techniques? I've used some cut-outs in my latest layout titled "Irresistable" (baby gallery) and I've enhanced every piece of my cut-outs in that layout.

I think it's fun to enhance the cut-outs first before using them in your layout. It shows a more personalized embellishment on your layout. You can even add some dimensions to it with a few simple techniques.

To enhance your cut-outs you can use some of the techniques below:

1. Use some paint markers or gel pens to doodle on it.

2. Attached some sequins to it.

3. Add some beadings on it.

4. Multi-layered mattings.

5. Add some small papers, cardstocks or crafting foams punched outs ie. small stars, flowers. circles etc.

6. Add some brads or eyelets.

7. Add some fabric or plastics flowers to it.

8. Inking, chalking or stamp on it.

I believed there are more great ways to enhance the cut-outs. Therefore, try enhancing your cut-outs before using them in your next project. You will never see another layout having the same cut-outs as yours again.


Heather in WA state said...

I'm looking at the picture of your daughter with the glasses on and am still quite confused at how you got your circles to look that detailed. How did you get the circles to have so much color? I haven't seen punches in some of the things you've used them. Are they punches all of them? Or did you draw them? I'm so confused, but love this layered circle look and want to know how to do it.

scrapperlicious said...

Hi Heather,

As I can't get hold of your email, I guess the only way to answer your question would be here. The circles are mostly cout-outs from pattern papers and I've enhanced them by hand drawing and adding embellishments. I've also punched out some circles out of papers and crafting foams to add soem dimensions on the cut-outs. Sequins are also used here to add some bling to the details. Hope this helps. Thanks for asking.


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