Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Detailing with Punchers

Some of my blog readers asked me, how did I do all those detailing in my layouts. It seems time consuming to them. Actually, some of the detailing techniques that I used aren't time consuming at all.

For example in my latest layouts titled "Irresistable" and "Heroes Of Earth" in my baby and family gallery, I've used some punchers and a few paint markers and gel pens to create those details there.
To create these simple details, just follow the steps below:
1. Use some pattern punchers or even some simple round punchers to punch a free style design on your paper or cardstock.
2. Later, use some paint markers and gel pens to enhance the punched design. To add more details, simply do more free hand doodling around the punched design.
Therefore, it's not that difficult at all and definitely not time consuming. I hope some of you could try this technique in your next layout.

1 comment:

CapuchaCarmesi said...

Wow, really so easy, simple but looking SO great! Can't wait to use it in one of my projects asap!!!! thanx a lot!


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