Thursday, June 28, 2007

Creating your own Pattern Paper ("Dreamy Papers")

This post might not be that useful to experience scrappers but I just want to share it here with some of my readers who are scrapbooking beginners.

There are times that we just could not find the right pattern paper to use in our layouts. Instead of going straight to the store, why not take a look at what you have and try to create something out of it. There are few methods in creating your own pattern papers.

1. Stamping

2. Inking

3. Painting

4. Doodling

5. Cut and pasting

6. Art techniques

7. Stenciling and masking

8. Embossing and punch outs

I believed there are more ways to create your own pattern papers.

I would also liked to share this latest idea of mine where I've created a "dreamy looked paper with sparkles of lights shinning through". Actually, one of my blog readers had asked me about this technique before. Therefore, I would liked to explained it here.

1. Use a light coloured plain cardstock or paper.

2. Randomly do some stampings to it using the colour that you desired for your pattern paper. Try to leave some spots not stamped.

3. Use a dark tone/colour ink to dab on the edges of the paper. Try to blend it into the stampings too, leaving some spots here and there.

This technique works well with a dark coloured background layout (ie. black, dark green, dark blue etc.)

To see the finished look of the layout, you can refer to "Love "U"" in my baby gallery. Try this technique in your next layout!

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