Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Help!

Today, I would love to share an event from my friend, Tomoko, in Japan. This event is a chance for us to help in the recent disastrous earthquake in Japan. Some of you might have seen the videos on youtube or watch the news on  this sad day. Thousands of victims who lost their lives, their loved ones and homes. I'm sure, there is a little voice in your heart that is asking, "how can I help them?"

Now, here's your chance to help them! You can create some cards, ATCs, layouts or anything saleable for this event. Send an email it to  to get the address to send your creations to. You can read more about it here! Now, let us try our best and show some love to the victims. Thank you so much! Feel free to share this on your blogs, facebook and everywhere else! Every little help counts!

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[[Azura]] said...

my heart goes out to them..
I hope Tomoko is fine.
I will see what I can do here.
Thanks for the chance to help.

Asas à imaginação said...

Eu já divulguei no meu blog este pedido de ajuda para o Japão. Espero que muitos sejam solidários e participem!
É muito triste ver tudo que estão passando...é preciso ajudar!

Marley said...

I will check out the blog and definitly gonna send some cards/projects.. my heart goes out for them! hugs, Marley

Jóna said...

Here in Iceland, we know thinks like this in MUCH SMALLER scale though. Our thought are with the Japanese people. Always on time like this we all stand together and try to help as much as we can. We have already started collection for the Japanese people.
I do like your idea and hope it goes very well.
Hugs,from Iceland, Jóna


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