Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Funny Shot!

Do dogs smoke?..LOL! Ok, just kidding! This is an accidental shot of Hiro while he is nibbling on some plants in the garden. Isn't this funny? In this shot, Hiro looks as if he is smoking...LOL! Pay a little more attention to your furkids and try to capture those funny and interesting moment with your camera!

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Marika said...

Спасибо за позитив)

Marley said...

Lol!! Great photo! hugs Marley

Jozebelle said...

Funny picture I know our dog, Zita, used to have sticks like that.

Melissa S. said...

What a fun shot of Hiro. He is such a pretty boy.
Our wild haired girl Pearl got really sick last week and had to go to sleep. She was just 4 and a half and my hubby and I are still in shock.
Always pay a little more attention to your furkids and enjoy them. They are a huge part of our lives.


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