Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hiro is 48 Weeks already!

This week, Hiro is 48 weeks already! Do you all remember about the "chewing frenzy" that occurred about a week or two ago? If you look closely at the picture above, the victim is the cabinet behind him which is our rotating TV cabinet. Even after using the furniture marker, you could still see it up close but it's the best we could do for now. If we need to really get rid of the markings, I think the cabinet needs to be fully refurbished.

After that incident, whenever we are busy or leaving him alone, we will give him some chewing treats such a the small bone in the above pictures. It is an edible bone which will soften when wet and won't leave sharp edges that might cut his mouth. This bone will keep him busy and won't think of chewing up our furniture. Besides that, the treat stuffing or hiding games are played more often. Hope that his chewing frenzy will be over soon!!

I've also created a separate page on his pictures for all of you, Hiro fans out there! This way, it will be easier for you all to check on his pictures when ever you want. I will update that page weekly too. Hope you all have a great weekend!! Woof! Woof!   

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Selena said...

Beautiful puppy dog!
I read todays post and had to come right over here to comment on your chewies.
I have had wolves for the past 28 years they have all passed on now so I went a new directions this time with a baby girl Rottwieler! Her name is Chica. She is currently 14 weeks and it has been so much fun working with her and training her up. I still hold her in my lap but that is coming to an end real soon. lol
Anyhow the reason for my post. Chewies. Whatever you do dont use rawhide chew toys. they soften like you described but they can eat bits of them before you know it they are all gone! that seem slike an ok thing but rawhide when it is mositened swells. So as they chew it it becomes soft enough to bite of a bit an dswallow but as it moves in the throat it is possible for it to swell more and lodge there causing an obstruction. It can keep them from breathing, or even block other places as it moves through the system. There are several options out there. One of my favorite is a bone that breaks into little strings and acts as floss. I found a package of three different types of these recommended bones together to try them out and see which was our babies favorite.
Happy parenting your baby and blessings for a long healthy life!
Tucson, Az


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