Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a post about Hiro again!

Hiro is already 16 weeks now! You can see that he is a little skinny now because he is still shedding heavily. I'm still hoping the heavy shedding will stop soon. I miss his look with his gorgeous thick coat of furs. Now I know why people say that when a husky sheds, it's snowing all over the house....LOL!

He is really growing taller and taller each week and we have to hide the stuffs around the house that he is reachable now. He will grab anything within his reach. The house phone, the hand phone the cushion, the remote control, the pillows, the curtain and everything that he could get a bite on. Our house look neat and tidy when all the stuffs are kept inside cabinets and on higher non-visible areas.

Next week, he will be due for his third jab and after that we could take him out for walks. I bet he will enjoy that.


marijke said...

oh what a cute little fellow he is ( or was it a she I have forgotten hahaha) but its a beautiful puppy and hey his furr will be back I guess

mininessie said...

oh...he is really cute love his gaze :D
hugs Irene !

Alison said...

He is gorgeous, we had one called Toska but sadly she passed away about 4 years ago. Oh he's so cute, ours shed nearly all the time the carpet was a mess then we put in a wooden floor much easier to clean.
He looks so playful and innocent, would love to be hugging you Hiro.
Enjoy him.


Anika said...

Sorry, I'm late, but Happy Birthday, Hiro!!! :-D


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