Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hiro @ 17 Weeks!

It's time about Hiro again. He is 17 weeks now and when we took him for his third jab on Tuesday, he weighs about 7 kg. That's liked an increase of 3 kgs in a month. Isn't he growing fast? I bet any owner of a large breed dog would agree with me that this is normal.

He is such a good boy while at the vet for his jab. No grumbles and fight. He knows that something is about to happen when put on the table for the jab. I'm so glad that he is behaving so well!

Recently, we've start on some discipline measures on him. If he ever chew on stuffs that we had told him numerous times to "not to", he will get some time out in his own room. (His room is a huge balcony which had been converted into his room). So far there are some improvements and we're happy with that. After another two weeks, we'll be able to take him out on his first walk outdoor. I bet he will be very excited about it.


Lynna said...

He has gotten so big!! such a cutie.

marijke said...

wow he grows fast what a lovely fellow

Penni said...

Wow he's growing so fast - but with those adorabe eyes, surely he can do no wrong lol!!!


jacque4u2c said...

he is awesome!

Amélie said...

Il est vraiment magnifique . he's really wonderfull !!


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