Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bubble Wrapper Printing

This is a technique which I've came across quite sometime ago. It's such a fun technique and I've tried it out in my latest layout titled "Catcha Catcha".

I've used some old bubble wrapper and paint some acrylic paint on it before I finally print it onto the card stock. (Tip: Make sure you get a good amount of acrylic paint onto the bubble wrapper before you print it onto the card stock.) You can also try to do it by dipping the bubble wrapper onto the acrylic paint before printing. However, I find this method a little too messy for me.


Mescrap said...

Hah, i love this idea.
I used to use hole puncher and punch some hole & then masking it on the surface.
will try this idea too ...

Marsha said...

The bubble wrap printing is just too cool!! Not sure about the messy though

Peridot&Sapphire said...

i think it looks messy to me too but thanks for assurring that we can use so many stuff/medium out there for sb!

shauna said...

I, too, like using bubble wrap-your layout looks great! For the person who left a comment about using the hole punch then using that as a stencil, there is something called Punchinella you can purchase to do the same thing. Or you can use it in your project as itself. It's really sequin waste. It comes in tons of colors and you can buy it at That's where I get lots of cool stuff!


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