Saturday, January 12, 2008

Am I in any DTs? Winners for my Valentine ATCs!

A lot of my blog readers had once or even several times asked me whether am I attached to any Design Teams or am I designing for any company at the moment. They've also asked me whether did I submit any of my work for publications? Why I've not put my tips and techniques in books?
I'm going to answer all those questions with this post. I know I've never shared much about myself through my blog but since these questions are bits and pieces of my scrapbooking journey, I think it would be fine to share it here.
First of all, I'm officially a designer for ScrapbooksNStickers. I'm part of their 2008 Design Team where I'll be designing for their store and their booths for some conventions in the states. So for those of you who are going to any scrapbooking conventions this year, keep an eye for my work there.
Secondly, I'm also part of the team for Scrapbook News+Reviews which is an online magazine that will hopefully kicked off this February.
Thirdly, I've not thought about coming out with a book yet at the moment. As I'm not a big writer, I do really need a great publisher and editor in order to do this. So hopefully in the near future, I do have an offer to get my stuffs in books! I know some of you have had a hard time printing those techniques from my blog and have been asking me to have a book on my work and techniques. I would need some luck in this area to fulfill your request. So, wish me luck!
I guess I've shared everything I could about all those questions and I hope all of them had been answered!

Ok, as for the winners of my Valentine ATCs. The winners are:
1. c shell designs
2. danisha

3. Cat

I will email you all in a short while for all your addresses so that I can mail those ATCs to you all. Hope you all liked it! For those of you that do not win this round, please do not be disappointed. I will be doing more of this kind of giveaways throughout this year. So keep an eye for them in future. Thanks for all your support all this time!


Dawn said...

Thanks for posting this, we are all pulling for you when you are so generous and share with us all of your wonderfull work. Many fantastic ideas are in magazines and books, but never so many in one spot, and not so artistic. Your children are lucky for you to pass this on to them. You go girl, get your book made!! Luck and Prayers :)
P.S. You are a great inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Irene... you are truly an inpirational person, not only in your work but in just being you personally of how kind and generous you are. One can tell you are geniue, kind and caring. What a joy to get to know someone half way across the world, cyber space rocks, doesn't it? It is all in his timing and I alreay have a gut feeling that things come to those who wait patiently and who believe things much bigger them themselves... such as yourself. I wish you nothing less the the best and reaching others with your gifts and SHARING them is a gift in itself.... bless you my friend! you are precious and lovely! :O) Nina

Anonymous said...

I received my ATC and I LOVE IT!!!! You are so talented.

Houston, TX


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