Friday, September 21, 2018

Pins And Needles Holders

Happy Friday! This week I would like to share a different kind of project with you all. I've created a couple of pins and needles holders using some pattern papers, foams and some fabrics.

First of all, I've created a vintage shoe shaped holder. I've used some pattern papers to create the basic shape and added a fabric covered foam in the middle of it to hold the pins and needles. Below is a close-up of it.

I've then, decorated it with lace, buttons, ribbons, flower, pearls and butterfly.

I've also created another circle shaped holder.

This is just a basic circle shaped holder. I did not use any pattern paper in creating this holder. Just a foam and some fabric, lace, pearls and flowers.

Hope you all like today's project and see you all again next week.

Sources: lace, pattern papers, flowers, ribbons, pearls, fabrics, foam, butterflies, buttons, Beacon and other adhesives.

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