Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update on Hiro and my Japan teaching trip!

This week we did not captured any fun shot of Hiro. Instead, we've captured a full body shot of him. It is interesting to finally see the colours on him. Did know that he has so much copper on him till now...LOL!

Here's a little update on my upcoming teaching trip to Japan. As you all know, I'm going to teach in Osaka in November 2011. The new update is that, I'm also going to teach in Tokyo!! Now, I'll be able to meet you all from Osaka as well as Tokyo.

Below are the all the four workshops that I'll be teaching. All four workshops are very different. This is to give you all more choices.

Workshops in Osaka:

Workshops in Tokyo:

Pick your choices and make your decisions soon as registration will open from 1st August onwards. Seats are very limited!!! Hope to see you all there!!

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Catherine SIWCZAK said...

this is a great chance for you to go to Japan. Have a nice trip !

Conservatory-Girl said...

I'll watch the pics from Hiro since he was a little puppy, and always asked myself: isn't it to hot for him in malaysia?

Aki said...

Oh I must register for a spot in Tokyo! I marked on my schedule!


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