Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hiro @ 39 weeks!

Our husky puppy, Hiro, is now already 39 weeks old! He is going to be one in just a few months time. Our trip back from my in-laws with him was a pleasant one. He seems to enjoy the drive and took some short naps too. When we came back home, he seems to have that after a holiday trip syndrome liked most of us would have. He is so tired and did not eat well. But now, he has already recovered from it and is back to his usual self.

One thing that we've noticed about him during this Chinese New Year, is that he is not afraid of the sound of firecrackers liked most dogs would. He would ignore the sound and continue to do what he is doing, even if he is! That's definitely a plus. My mom's dogs would always want to hide somewhere or want you to hold them when they hear the sound of firecrackers. I was afraid that Hiro would howl and started making weird noises when he hears the loud firecrackers sound.

I'll be posting another project on The Crop Spot on Monday. Do keep an eye for it.


JaneT said...

I love your dog. He is regal looking.

Connie Fossenier said...

Irene he is simply beautiful...I used to have many huskey dogs when I lived in the north of Canada..
they are faithful and loyal dogs.
connie paxman

Jane F. Smith said...

he is such a pretty dog..and I'm so glad the trip with him went well!!


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