Monday, February 1, 2010

First Feb Blog Post!

Today would be my first February blog post at the Crop Spot. This week project featured the gorgeous pattern papers from Graphic 45 and the "blending with crackle paint" technique. It's an interesting project where I've used quite a few mediums to create the effect that I want. So, if you're up to get your hands messy and have some fun with some mediums, check out the tutorial. Happy experimenting!

While this post it up, I'm actually on my flight back to Malaysia. I can't wait to get back and and see my kids and furkid again! I miss them dearly. And the best part is, we're about to celebrate Chinese New Year!! This year, the first day of Chinese New Year falls on Valentines Day! how cool is that! We'll have loads of "red" going on!!LOL! 


~* steph :) *~ said...

love the key and the lock. looks like wood?
what kinds of celebrations do you guys have in malaysia for Chinese new year's?
have a great day!

Carmen said...

It looks really nice Irene. You must be worn out from all the wonderful happenings lately! Hope your flight is relaxing and quick and that you'll be home with those you love in no time!

Mescrap said...

Gorgeous !!
I like the product from Graphic 45.

Electra said...

Hey Irene, I didn't get to see YOU at CHA, but I saw some of your work "in person". It's even more beautiful in real life! What a blessing you and your talent are!


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