Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ready for another Sneak Peek?

Today, I'll share my sample using one of Clear Scraps new acrylic banner! It is a very cute banner. Clear Scraps had added a cool twist to the typical normal banner shape. Check out my sample below.

In this sample, I've used the new acrylic "Birthday banner". This banner is so cool that you could use it at almost anywhere. I've actually created this banner for Chloe and it's hung on her bed. She likes it a lot. You could easily create it in any colour to suit the room or their favourite colours and theme. I've included the theme of flowers, butterflies and a small tiara for Chloe's banner. These are some of her favourites which resembles a garden princess.  I'll be sharing this project in much more detail some other time.

There will be more sneak peeks tomorrow. Do check back for it. For those of you who wish to register for some of my classes, check out all the available classes on the right of my blog. Can't wait to meet you all there!!


Blue said...

Very very nice.

calendula said...

Why your blog is black?
You are so colourful!

fablady said...

OMG this is stunning,I want to make one,lol


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