Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello 2010 from Hiro!

This week, Hiro step into his 33 weeks. This week he has been a little mischevious and got my hubby chasing him around the house a few times....LOL! He is slowly trying to test his boundaries of acceptable behaviour and we have to remind him of that.

Below is another picture of Hiro smiling and wishing everyone a good year ahead!  

I hope everyone would include a resolution of " I have to smile more often" in 2010!

This week is also Ryan's first week of grade one. Below is a few pictures captured on his first day of school.

Time really flies isn't it. Now he is already in grade one and I guess not long from now, he'll be graduating. I really missed his baby days.

I really can't believed that Winter CHA is just only 14 days away. I'll give more details as to when and where  I'll be during the Pre-CHA and CHA sometime next week. I really hope to meet you all there and for those who would love to take a class with me, remember to register yourself through this link. Have a great weekend!


❤ Kaia said...

Ohhh. I love your dog !!!
What is it, alaskan malamute??
Lovely smile, and a happy new year to you too.
Hugs, Kaia

❤ Kaia said...

Hi again.
Hiro is a Sibirian Husky of course.
Sorry about that.
He is beautiful anyway.

Denise said...

Hiro is getting so big!! He is just too cute..and so is Ryan. They do grow up so fast. Treasure each day:)

Jude said...

Hiro is such a big boy now, my he has growen. At least he can keep you company while Ryan is at school, hehehe either that or keep you busy. Love the pictures Irene. Id love to ba at your crop, but the dreaded financial side keeps me grounded for now. All the best with it. Love what you are doing
Arohanui Xx

Melissa S. said...

Irene, Hiro is looking marvelous these days. I can't believe I will be meeting you in just 3 more weeks. Wow I can't wait for the class.


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