Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Hiro's time!

Hiro is 35 Weeks old now! This is a shot that we've captured earlier this week. He is really learning more and more each week. Now, he is almost able to eat all of his threats that we've stuffed into his tricky/chewing toys without our help. He is a very smart puppy.

When we gave him some hard chewing bones to chew on, he will soften it by putting the chewing bone into his bowl of water. He is now at the pet's hotel or retreat while we were away. He will be enjoying his time with his "godmother" (the retreat owner).

I won't be posting any updates on Hiro next weekend as I'm away and could not capture any pictures of him that week. I'll resume to post his updates the weekend after when I'm back. I've also scheduled some blog posts on my weekly posts at The Crop Spot. So, check back to read on it.


Scrap by Heart said...

What a clever dog you´ve got. Tina

Carla said...

Hero is just beautiful........what a pretty dog. I just recently got two puppies myself. So cute.

Laney said...

He puts his bone in his water bowl? LOL, he's a genius!


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