Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hiro @ 12 Weeks!

Here's the weekly update about Hiro! He is 12 weeks now and full of curiosity. We've bought him a couple of good chewing toys but he still chew on our wooden furniture and! I've tried some dog repellent spray on the furniture but it only works the moment I spray on it but not afterwards. Any suggestions?


Prettier Stuff aka Melissa said...

Irene, my Pearl is almost 3 and she has grown out of chewing. She was over it by the time she was about 9 months maybe. You should see the window seat in the living room. little teeth marks all over and then I wont even go into the linoliam floor by the back door. Replacing the window seat wont be hard....the floor, not so easy. Try to distract him with a toy when you catch him is all I can say.

Chok Keun said...

Hiro is just so cute!

Nilla said...

He is so cute!!! Hugs Nilla

marijke said...

you need to be very hard, ferm (?)to him or else you will never get it out of it don't you have a puppy training in your country? grab him in the neck and shake it like his mom would do when he is doing something wrong , thats what wolfs do as well, Hope you understand what I try to say? my englsih is so, so, now and than but I still think he is a cute one he is gorgeous

Bettan said...

What a gordeus little puppy :-) We has also a 12 week old puppy. But a different kind :-) Have a great day!

Drycha said...

maybe buy wooden toy?

my dog and cat don't like usual animal toys ;p
dog prefer empty plastic bottles, cat like squash paper ball ;)

Andrea's scrapnest said...

You can punish him at the moment he is doing something wrong (but the most time he will do it when you don't see him do it). A dog needs also enough to bite in. When you see it punish him, but after a while give him something to bite in, a young dog bites in everything because of his teeth so when he has enough dogy stuff to bite im, your furniture lifes longer. You say you bought good chewing toys, but can you get also things where you live where he can chew on it and also eat it. Where I live (Netherlands) we give them "buffelskin" and most of the time this helps. Never give him bones and his age they are dangerous.
I can send you something as you will what is very good for him.

greetings and have a nice sunday,

Ann said...

When my Sammy was a puppy she chewed furniture and wires also. She especially loved our diningroom chair legs and our wicker furniture on the patio. When you catch him in the act firmly raise your voice in a different tone and say "No". They know something is wrong when you change your tone of voice.

Yvonne said...

Hiro is beautiful. When our puppy was his age we had no problems with her chewing our furniture. We used a combination of things including a bitter apple repellent spray (worked great), puppy-sized chew toys (a puppy Kong worked very well), and mostly made sure she got A LOT of exercise. Our veterinarian told us "A tired puppy is a good puppy" and it was true. Now that she's 3-1/2 yrs. old it's still true. Hope some of these suggestions help you out!

Iren said...

Oh my what a cute puppy!!! I'm also going to get a puppy :o) but mine is only a week now ;o) Go and take a look in my blogg if you want to ;o)


Esther said...

hey irene.

my dog is now 14 months.
the chewing stopped at 8 months.
a kong is a good toy, you can put some food in it and then he will be sweet for a few hours.because its hard to get te food out.

you better use your voice, but only at the right time.
he has a memory of 15 seconds so if you tell him not to do this after the 15 seconds he won't understand it.

well you have a lott of reaction's on your question so something must work.


Jaluza Scrap said...


Dawn said...

We used cayenne pepper to get our dogs to stop chewin up the carpet. :)

Debby said...

We give our boy bully sticks. I think they are bull penis as gross as that sounds it keeps him busy for hours and hours. Hiro is so beautiful I'll bet it's very hard to stay mad.

Jann Gray said...

Thanks for all your good ideas and tutorials on scrappy ideas! FINALLY, I have an opportunity to "give back."

All the ideas are really good -- tire him out, redirect his interest, good chew toys...use a serious tone with your voice. I will add one more idea for you to try.... Get a soda can (metal) and after emptying it -- drop some metal coins down inside. When Hiro starts to chew -- shake the will startle him and make him stop to see what it is -- then use your serious tone and say NO. If he goes back...always shake the can to get his attention....and say will eventually get to where he associates the sound with your negative feedback and stop the behavior!

Hope this helps....he is soooo cute.

zetabell said...

Aluminum foil works. Dogs are sceard of it. I use it when I'm out of house.

Siri Fjørtoft, Fjørtoft Design said...

What I did with my puppy was basicly to puppy proof the house. You will not be able to stop him from chewing, thats the puppy way. I have been trainging my dog with posistive reinforcements, never shaking or scaring or anything like that. Move the furniture you are very found of out of the way until he has lost his baby canins. Always have toys and "chewie" goodies in every room so that he always have the choise of forbidden stuff and aloved stuff. Praise him and play with him every time he chooses his toys.

When it comes to electrical wires that is a totaly other story. They will kill him if he gets through the plastic. My aunt how is a dog trainer and breeder told me to put Tabasco sause on a paper towel and rub that on any wires my puppy could get to. He quickly learned that wires was no fun at all.

Remember that your puppy has no idea what NO means. All he knows is that the person that is most importaint in his life is shouting at him and scaring him. He does not know that he is doing anything wrong.

If you have time I would recomend reading this blog:

It is called "Raising a clicker Puppy", and has great tips even if you are not clicker training.

Also, playing "mind" games with him, such as searching for treats hidden either outside in the grass or inside behind furniture, under plastic contaiers, on top of things and such will make your puppy tired, taking his energy away from doing destructive things. Having to think for 15 min will use up more energy than a loooong walk.

I am talking away here, maybe you know all this befor. I am not a soecialist in dogs, in fact My DD (Darling Dog) is my first one ever. I have however read about 4000 pages about dog training befor I got him. My dog is now a secure happy dog that are not scared of new things and situations, that think for him self and find solutions to problems that apear in his dog life. All his knowledge about what I want him to do in different situations he have figured out himself by trial and error and by me reinforcing the behvior I want and ignoring what I don´t want.

I wish you luck in your training and a happy dog life!



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