Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sorry on Hiro's Update.

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry but there would not be a picture or shot update on Hiro today. My beloved laptop crashed three days ago and some of his latest shots went with it. I've also lost some of my important files. I know we should always try to backup our work but I've had tons of assignments this last few weeks that I've totally forgotten about that....sigh... This is my first laptop and it has been an amazing one. I've used it ever since I've started this blog which is about 4 year ago. I've used it almost everyday and about 8-10 hours a day. It's a HP Pavilion. 

At this moment, I would just have to resort to a very old and slow mini netbook till I can afford to get another laptop. I know, it's going to be a very difficult tasks to maintain my daily cyber work without my efficient laptop. Maybe, if I keep praying, some awesome laptop company would sponsor me an amazing laptop for my heavy cyber job! I'm really praying hard and perhaps miracle will happened. 

I will try to continue update and share my work online using my mini netbook and hope you all would not mind if there are some issues on timing and late updates. Sorry about not having an update shot on Hiro for this week. Hiro's update will be back next week.

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Eva Sanz said...

Lo siento es una pena que no tengas ordenador, esperemos un patrocinador que se apiade de ti y te envie uno
Besos desde espaƱa

Electra said...

Oh, that's such a drag. Just do what you can, Irene, everyone will understand!

Jozebelle said...

So sorry to hear this



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