Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally a Hiro's Update

Finally, I'm able to retrieve my files from my crashed laptop with Hiro's pictures from last week. Above is a shot captured last week when Hiro is helping out with getting a pest out from the garden. Yes, a mice! Hiro sniff a mice in the garden and were barking loudly to call for my hubby's help to capture it. It's so interesting seeing both of them make such a great team! They've successfully captured the mice. Of course, after this mission, Hiro was rewarded with a treat!

This is a picture captured this week where he is trying to do some stretching Tai-Chi moves again. Look at that face! He is concentrating so hard! LOL!

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Another exciting news. If you are a scrapbook store somewhere near Oregon Convention Center and do organize workshops, please email me at or if any of you are from there and knows of a store that do organize workshops, please email me too.  

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Marley said...

Lovely pictures of Hiro!! xxMarley

Kellie Christie said...

He is so CUTE!!! And super smart to sniff out a mouse, my dog wouldn't even notice :)


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